Evolution in Africa everyday

Avian biodiversity of highly fragmented montane rainforests of Western Africa and factors determinig it

Head of the project: Anna Wiƛniewska

The aim of this project is to go to Africa and have some fun. By fun I mean real hard fieldwork with hand and automatic recording, mist-netting, colour ringing and observing birds living at high elevations of Bamenda Highlands in North Western Cameroon. As a result of four years of research the total bird species' diversity will be described together with factors determing it. For sampling the area in subject of bird's presence I used automatic recorders which were placed in over 160 points located in all habitat types. It allowed to gather great amounts of acoustic data containing even more information about birds and their vocalizations. Thanks to using several GIS methods I am also able to reconstruct the process of rapid deforestation which is taking place in this area for last 40 years. Combining data about habitat structure and forest fragmentation (such as time and level of isolation of forest patches, its area etc.) together with data about presence of over 80 vocalizing bird species will allow to describe patterns determing avian diversity in montane forests of Bamenda Highlands.

Side projects:
Avian diversity of Kilum Ijim Community Forest Reserve (Grant number GDWB08/2012)
Habitat suitability modelling for selected species (e.g.
Emberiza tahapisi, Saxicola salax)
Ecology of
Apalis pulchna