Evolution in Africa everyday

Announcements about wanted postdoc and PhD student positions will be soon available!

Individual recognition and social eavesdropping in a duetting tropical bird species

Supported by National Science Center, Opus, no 20156/17/B/NZ8/02347, Project duration: 2016-2019

Head of the project:
Tomasz Osiejuk

More details soon. Project started in late February 2016. I will be looking for one postdoc, one Phd student and one MSc candidate.

Laniarius atroflavus, photo by Paweł Podkowa.

Functions and mechanisms of acoustic and visual coordination in animal signalling

Supported by National Science Center, Sonata Bis, Project duration: 2016-2021

Head of the project:
Paweł Ręk

More details soon. Project will start in October 2016.
Gralina cyanoleuca, photo by Paweł Ręk.